Maine Maple Sunday

Maple Sunday trees

Sugar maples at Wrinkle in Thyme Farm.

March 27, 2016

For the sap to start flowing in the maples it takes a string of above freezing days and below freezing nights.  One never knows for sure when the season will start—or end—but the Maine producers of maple syrup have put their money on the 4th Sunday in March as the likely height of the syrup-making season.  Calling it Maine Maple Sunday, producers who feel inclined open up their sugarhouses to visitors every year on this day.

This year the timing was perfect; Maple Sunday happened to coincide with Easter, families were gathered and eager for excursions, the weather was beautiful, and the sap was flowing.  We drove the back roads to Wrinkle in Thyme Farm in Sumner.  New lambs wearing hand-knitted sweaters were cosied up next to their mothers in the barn, the spring sunlight glinted on the sap buckets as the sap flowed out in steady drips, and steam billowed up from the sugarhouse.

Drinking maple sap
turns our throats a tender green—
Goodbye winter ice


Maple Sunday sugarhouse

The sugarhouse.


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