Autumn Morning Glories

October 24 2016



Most of the morning glories that climb up the strings I tie for them each year are low maintenance and reseed themselves, but the Heavenly Blue variety are an exception.  Because I do not want to leave their appearance to chance, each May I buy some seeds for planting.

When these morning glories start to bloom in mid-August it is always gratifying to see that they are indeed as extravagantly large and enticingly blue as the pictures on the seed packets promised.  And they keep on blooming through September and October, unfurling fresh buds each morning with big-hearted ease, even when the purple and white morning glories have stopped and the nighttime temperatures have slipped from cool to pretty chilly.

It is now, after the first light frost, that I admire them the most, the deep blue of their fragile trumpets an echo of the clear October sky.

Wind and early frost
turn the sky its truest blue—
final morning glories


2 thoughts on “Autumn Morning Glories

  1. Beautiful, Sarah. My Heavenly Blue morning glories succumbed to the cold weeks ago, after a night when temperatures got down into the mid-twenties at my house. I wonder if you benefit from the moderating effects of the lake in being able to keep them going so long.


    • Hi Jean! I’m guessing that being tucked up under the eaves gave the morning glories some protection, but it could be that they were helped by having a body of water nearby too. Until now, I hadn’t that the lake made us warmer in cold weather–just a little bit snowier–but our frosts have been high-twenties so far, so maybe we do benefit from some moderating effects. That’s a happy thought.


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