Vernal Equinox

March 20, 2017

It’s true that the start of spring can seem pretty subtle here in Maine, but the steadily increasing light and off-again, on-again rise in temperature have an inescapable impact on everything alive.  It might look a lot like winter out there, but it’s not. Spring is here, it’s just quiet, taking place unobserved under bark or skin, as sap rises or an animal’s hormones shift.  At this point, spring is more something felt than observed, but if you look closely you can see small signs of it.  Buds are already swelling on the maples.  Jackets are not always needed, and yesterday a slim stoat zipped over the snow outside my window in a coat that was mostly pure winter white, but that showed on the back a trace of summer caramel coloring.

Everything says “Now!”
Beamed back from melting snow fields,
twelve hours of sunlight


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