Serviceberry Trees at Blossom Time

May 8, 2017

It’s blossom time in Maine.  In the woods the blooms tend to be of the not-so-showy type, packaged in pale greens and muted reds that make them—at least at a distance—hard to distinguish from the still tiny, emerging leaves in similar colors.  But there is one clear exception, a tree with slender stems hung with pure white star-shaped blossoms: the serviceberry.

There are many species of serviceberry (a.k.a shadbush) native to North America.  The one that charms me close to home in Maine is, I think, the Allegheny serviceberry, or smooth shadbush, a small tree whose non-shaggy trunk and long, elegant branches can take on a surprising range of colors.  It’s a lovely tree that most of the year tends to go unnoticed.

Its grace, always there,
now turns visible to all–
smooth shadbush in bloom



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