Summer Moon

July 10, 2017

Summer days in Maine aren’t always perfect, but they often are…sunny and dry with a touch of breeze and just enough warmth to create a sense of vacation-time ease.  The trees and grass in their plant wisdom know that this optimal season for making sugar from sunlight does not last long and they throw themselves into the business of photosynthesis with abandon.  When night falls, the warm, oxygen-rich air beckons us out under the trees.  If the moon is full, as it was last night, the beauty is enough to seem uncanny.  Who wouldn’t be drawn to this vibrant world of clear silver light and the velvet darkness between leaves.

Road of silver light
creatures travel in their dreams—
full moon of summer


5 thoughts on “Summer Moon

  1. Hello Sarah,

    Love your Almanac! And I’m so delighted that you’ll be joining Jill in New Harbor later this month. Wish I could be there, but fate had different plans.

    Anyway, enjoy and I’m looking forward to meeting you one fine day!





    • Hello Joe. Thanks so much for your comment. I know from Jill that you have a deep love of Maine and the New Harbor area especially. I’m very much looking forward to my stay there with Jill. Thank you so much for offering that opportunity and I look forward to meeting you sometime in the future.


    • Hello Jeanne. Thanks so much for your comment. There’s a line in a classical waka poem about plum blossoms–I think–that goes: “shiru hito zo shiru” (those who know, really know). The general idea is: those who appreciate things, really appreciate and understand these plum blossoms. When I read your note, that line popped into my head…You really “know” Maine summers!


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