August 10, 2017

I’m sure I’m not alone in feeling an attraction to bumblebees; they are as furry as teddy bears, move around slowly enough for us to get a good look at them, hang out in sweet-smelling gardens and meadows, pollinate plants, and do us humans no harm–unless of course we do something thoroughly provoking to merit it.  We are just turning the corner into summer’s end here, and the worker bees are present in good numbers.  One guesses their bodies register and respond to the gradually diminishing hours of daylight, but they seem undeterred, going about their business as usual.

Neither rushed nor slow,
bumblebees foraging in
sweet oregano

 Bumblebee foraging in creeping thyme (which they seem to favor as much as oregano).


2 thoughts on “Bumblebees

  1. I love bumblebees and so enjoyed this article. I can see that we share a love for the natural world and all her creatures – did you know that there is an app called Bumblebee watch – someone told me about it and I was amazed at how many species of bumblebees are out there. I am going to have to write about them!


  2. Hello Sara. Thank you for writing, and for letting me know about the Bumblebee Watch app. I just downloaded it. So many bumblebees indeed! I hope you do write about them. I look forward to reading the post.


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