Increasing Light, Enduring Ice

February 10, 2019

The days are beginning to lengthen.  We have over ten hours of daylight now, and that gives a sense of coming spring.  While there is promise of new life and food ahead, those things are not here yet and it is a lean time for many of the animals.

Etched on planes of ice
tracks of raccoon, deer and fox—
Hunger diaries.

A raccoon, after washing at a pool of unfrozen water created by a sump pump, left muddy footprints on the icy snow crust.

A deer made its slow way up from the lake during a period of thaw.  The following day, its track was hardened ice.

2 thoughts on “Increasing Light, Enduring Ice

  1. The fox den on my road is suddenly active with many prints going in and out in the snow — a sign of new fox kits about to happen. I’m loving the longer days and stronger sun, but I’m so ready to be done with the ice. I’m looking forward to a time when I’ll be able to walk down to my mailbox again without risking life and limb.


    • Hi Jean. I was happy to hear that your area foxes are in good fettle. It’s great to have them in a den that’s easy to keep an eye on. And I know what you mean about being ready to be done with ice. I expect the deer and raccoons and the rest of the human population of Maine share that sentiment with us.


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